This was the era when drugs were hip, rock ‘n’ roll was exploding, Baby Boomer hormone levels were jumping off the charts and sex didn’t kill you. Laura Meets Jeffrey is an erotic cyclone, a shameless, hilarious, memoir of two unquenchable libidomaniacs who missed none of it.

Laura is a witty lingerie model, artist, and a famous film director’s ex-lover. Jeffrey is a media wizard who worked for John & Yoko, Apple Records and The Rolling Stones. He then created Puritan, the successful and literate hardcore sex magazine. On weekends he boxes with Ryan O’Neal and José Torres.

In the demimonde of orgies, BDSM, glory holes, call girls, porn stars, coke dealers, Timothy Leary, Jerzy Kosinski, Al Goldstein, and horny White House speechwriters, Laura and Jeffrey transform into a sexual tag team. Laura Meets Jeffrey documents the excesses and dangers of the wild days just before the door slammed shut on sexual liberation’s primetime.

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