“You have imagination, talent, a knack for funny imagery and a fascinating story people will be interested in. It's a side of life that most people don't even know exists. I didn't.” 
Norris Church Mailer, Author, Brooklyn NY

Laura Meets Jeffrey is a literary cyclone of heterosexual fascination. Michelson has tales few would dare to pen, much less publish. In this well written work the reader is thrust into the 70's and 80's world of sex, drugs and happy wanderings. It is a book not for the timid; it is an impressive work, swimming in audacity.”
Dwayne Raymond, Author, Provincetown MA

“Norman Mailer suggesting that Laura add her side of the story is genius. With Jeffrey Michelson’s funny, fast-paced writing plus Laura’s shameless voice flying over it, Laura Meets Jeffrey is a one-of-a kind hilarious and epic memoir.
With two sides of the same bizarre journey this book comes alive and bites you right on the bum. I don’t think I ever really understood the joy of a submissive until I met Laura. Reading this book made me, well, stop and take a few breaks! Ha!  
Legs McNeil is right. This journal of the rise and fall of hedonism in the wild era between The Pill and AIDS is among the best-written non-fiction works ever. 
Charlotte Grimaldi, Musician, London, England

“I love it. Laura Meets Jeffrey get the story going in no time flat, the characters are so vivid I feel like I’m there, and it pours forth an endless supply of situations and surprises and intermingle hardcore sex into the content. It's entertaining plus it’s abundantly clear that Laura Meets Jeffrey is a soulful love story with deep emotion. 
I fucking love it.” 
Erica Line, Media Sales, Bethlehem PA

“As a woman experienced in the joys, sorrows and trickeries of love who has tasted many flavors of erotic delight, Laura Meets Jeffrey entertains parts of my imagination that have never been reached before.
As a French woman, I wonder what the author of Le Deuxieme Sexe, Simone de Beauvoir would have made of this existentialist romance?! For certain, she would have been carried by the narrative flow of honesty, poetry, wit and humour with which Michelson recounts tales of New York at the peak of its creativity before the city became sterile and politically correct. It’s a must read!” 
Annick Portal, Painter
Honfleur France

"When Alfred Stieglitz, a famous art gallery owner, first saw Georgia O’Keefe’s work he remarked, "At last, a woman on paper!" Her vulvic, honest, flamboyant and priapic flowers opened his consciousness and, later, his heart.
After reading Jeffrey Michelson’s book, I want to send it to every woman friend I have, with the note "At last, a man on paper!" 

Laura Meets Jeffrey takes you inside the mind of a man and is MUST reading for any woman who wants to know how a man thinks, feels, and responds. 
What might seem at first to be a sexual memoir evolves into a genuine love story. Jeffrey Michelson loves women, our otherness, our sideways logic, our capacity for teaching and learning ecstasy, and finally, our commitment to embody the best of animal and angel: our humanity. He is what I think of as a true feminist. 

A man and his penis are [except in extreme and very unfortunate case] inseparable; a man who is honest about that fact is a prince among men. And a man who is, as Jeffrey Michelson is, completely honest AND screamingly funny, is a jewel beyond price.
After I finished it I had to read it again immediately. It’s that kind of book.
As a practicing woman, I celebrate his honesty, his enthusiasm, his willingness to let Laura tell her side of the story, his existence, and the fact that he writes like an angel with a devil on his shoulder.”
Peri Lyons, Writer, Singer, Blogist, Psychic NYC, NY

I LOVE Laura Meets Jeffrey !!! It makes me laugh out loud; it makes me horny; it leaves me in awe. It's a very funny book. It's like Terry Southern and Xaviera Michelson writes about sex in a way that blows my mind. It's so fuckin' hard to write well about sex. He manages to do that. Kudos!! I really like the parts that Laura writes, too. Very bold and gutsy and honest. It is fascinating to read her account because it is so different from the typical, diffident way that women express themselves about sex.

I love the whole sexual gestalt of the book; but I also really enjoy anything that touches on personal history/chronology, i.e. Michelson’s first trip to London and his amazing hire by John Lennon for Apple Records. Hollander meet Woody Allen. In bed.
I love the scenes when Jeffrey meets Laura and how vulnerable he is, and how well he captures it. 

His writing about Laura is inspired; and I absolutely LOVE the point-counterpoint of his voice with hers in the book. That is a brilliant technique. I love the details about Laura. In giving us those specifics about Laura, he really bring her to life. What a fascinating character she is. 

Sometimes the words reach out with two fingers that are shoved down my throat and make me gag! And that is powerful. Man, that is powerful shit.
The descriptions of the scene with Laura in the adult book store activates something that is deeper than you may realize. It's very primal. I'm convinced that Laura was an animal in her last lifetime. 

I love all the scenes involving John Lennon and I laughed out loud during "The Lyrics and Music of Sex." So funny and wonderfully outrageous when Michelson tries to imagine what an atheist would exclaim at the height of his or her orgasm; I found that hilarious. And I like the way he uses his senses when describing the orgy experience. 

The boxing chapter is a tour de force. The boxing sessions with Ryan O'Neal! Wow, that section is brilliantly written. I really could not care less about boxing but the way Michelson writes about boxing, it's really accessible and frankly quite riveting 

The book kept getting better and better. The chapter in which Jeffrey and Laura go to the S&M sex club and have that adventure with Mistress Eleanor and Sylvia--Wow, it's hard to believe but I found it something of a turn-on. What a story about those two coming together. Jesus! Great description of all the sights and sounds in that chapter. 

I so enjoyed the philosophical comment on the passing stages and phases of the relationship. Such a full and wise and masterly insight into this realm.

When I finished Laura Meets Jeffrey there was a void. I miss being able to read the book. I wish there was more. What am I going to read now?!?! More, please! 
Elizabeth Mailer, Writer, NYC, NY